Services We Offered

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Product & Operational Strategies


  • Adolescent Intake(60 min)
  • Adult Intake(60 min)

Group therapy

  • Group Therapy(varies)
  • Late or No-Show, Group

Family Therapy

  • Family – without Client(60 min)
  • Family – with Client(60 min)

  • Family – with Client(90 min)

Intensive programs

  • Intensive Outpatient(3 hours/3 days)
  • Partial Hospitalization(5.5. hours/5 days)

  • Failed


  • Individual(30 min)

  • eTherapy Video, Individual(30 min)

  • Add-On Therapy to E&M Code(30 min)

  • Individual(45 min)

  • eTherapy Video, Individual(60 min)

  • Add-On Therapy to E&M Code(45 min)

  • Individual(60 min)

  • Late or No-Show, Individual(60 min)

Psychiatric services

    Psychiatric services are offered as part of both outpatient and intensive programs. This service is provided by a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Outpatient sessions are typically 60 min in length. Clients in intensive day programming are asked to consult in the first week of treatment with our psychiatric nurse practitioner, follow up is TBD.

  • Psych or Medical Appt, NEW(60 min)